Lab Car
We put in some serious overtime in the Lab Car to cook 
up these experiments for you. So dive in and do them all! 
Don't forget to e-mail us your results when you're done.


You've Got Telepathy   Fool your friends - you can read minds! 
Deep Down  Create your own shipwreck.
Chill Out!  How long can you keep an ice cube from melting?
Sensational Sound  Make a Hanger Clanger. Amaze your ears.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  Make your own paper.
Geyser Riser  This one will give you gas!
Slip Slidin' Away  Your parents will hate this one. Lot's of MUD!
Falling for Gravity  Test the laws of physics with this rolling race. 
What's the Word?  Make your own secret code.
Fun with Forces  Defy gravity - or get soaked trying!
As the World Turns  Create your own ecosystem in a bottle.
Ah-Choo!  Make a pollen catcher. It's snot hard at all.
Time After Time  Build a water clock. 
Size Wise  See how you measure up! 
Cool Idea  Change the freezing point of water. Magic? Nah, but it's still fun.
Sun Power  Harness the power of the sun. Then serve tea!
Metal Minds  Do you have what it takes to be a robot engineer?
To Tell the Truth  See how good you are at lie detection.
Squirrel World  Observe the natural habits of creatures at a tree near you. 
Rot Race  Don't just throw away that banana peel and let it rot!  Rot Race it!
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