For the week of May 31 - June 6, 1999

keisha intro
In this week's Home Crew Hands-On, see if you can detect a lie.
what you need
 Three containers, like a shoebox, a coffee can, and a pot
 A small object, like a marble
 One of your friends
what to do

Ask your friend to take the marble and put it in one of the containers while you're not looking. You might even want to block your ears or leave the room while he or she is doing that so you don't hear which container was chosen.
Now have your friend tell you he or she put the marble in each of the containers. Say, "I put the marble in the shoebox. I put the marble in the coffee can. I put the marble in the pot."
Can you guess which statements were lies and which one was the truth? Take turns trying this and see if you can find the signals of a lie.
e-mail results
more facts
curtis talk There seems to be something in us that doesn't like to lie.  For example, many people give themselves away when they're not telling the truth by making certain facial expressions or body movements.  Were you able to figure out what some of these were in your experiment?    
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