Keisha intro
I take the subway to school in Kinetic City.
Every day I see people throw newspapers in the trash. 
I read that Americans buy 62 million newspapers a day, and one tree makes only 400 newspapers. 
Yikes!!!  That's a load of trash!
AND that's a lot of trees!
I got to thinking...why don't we put up recycling bins for old newspapers instead of just chucking them?
Hey Home Crew, let's recycle!
what you need
 A sheet of old newspaper
 10 sheets of toilet paper
 2 cups of water
 A jar or a coffee can with a lid
button  A piece of screen or a wire mesh strainer
button  A dishpan, a large bowl, or a sink
what to do
Take a sheet of old newspaper and tear it up into small pieces, like confetti. 
Take 10 squares of toilet paper and rip them into tiny pieces, too.
Put all the torn-up paper in the jar, and add 2 cups of water.  If you want colored paper, add a drop or two of food coloring. 
Put the top on the jar and shake for 3 minutes. Now you have paper pulp!
Hold a piece of screening or a strainer over a bowl, or the sink. Pour the pulp on top of it. Squeeze out as much water as you can. 
Spread the pulp out to dry on a flat surface. Shape it into a rectangle, and make it as smooth as you can. Be sure there aren't any holes in the mush.
Let the paper dry and you'll have your very own recycled paper! You can draw on your homemade paper, or make a postcard out of it.
 Why do you think it is good to know how to recycle paper? 
Can you think of other things to recycle?
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keisha talks Hey, Home Crew, recycling can be as simple as reusing stuff that is on its way to the trash or the dump. The next time you go to throw something away, ask yourself if you could make something useful out of it instead.

If it's something like an empty box or cardboard carton, you might be able to make a piece of art with it, or a bird feeder, or some other cool thing. (But DON'T use any kind of food containers. It's unhealthy to reuse them!)

If it's something else - like clothing you don't wear, or games you don't play anymore - maybe you could give it to a charity that can reuse it.

Remember - every item that gets reused or recycled means one less item of trash! 

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