Hey Everybody, Have a really gross rot race!

Only make sure you ask your parents first.  While a rot race definitely makes for a good science experiment, your bags of data can get pretty nasty!

Now, here's Mr. Broccoli Head from deep inside my strange imagination to tell you how!

Thanks, Max.  Now just follow my instructions, kids.  It's all very simple.
what you need
Six little self-sealing plastic food bags
Some pieces of bread
Some strips of newspaper
Banana peels, orange rinds, or other similar pieces of fruits and vegetables
A pot of dirt
what to do
Don't use any eggs, meat or dairy products; they get too stinky!
Put equal amounts of bread in two of the bags, equal newspaper in another two, and finally equal amounts of fruit and vegetable peels in the last two. 
Add a spoonful of dirt to all bags, seal them, and shake them up
Now, place ONE of EACH kind of bag in the following places: a sunny window or someplace warm and bright, and a dark, cool place that's indoors.
Check all your bags at least once a day for a week WITHOUT opening them.  Observe any changes that take place and write them down.  Then, at the end of the week, open the bags and examine the contents.  Which ones changed the most?  Which ones the least?  Which one is the nastiest
Oh, what a rot race, mon!
 Hey, who's that guy, Mr. Broccoli Head?
That's Rasta Man Mike, Max.  From my imagination.
Oh.........gosh, I'm goofy.
You okay little Max, mon.  Dee important ding is that your real friends do dee rot race experiment.  Why don't you tell them where they can send their results. 
Good idea, Rasta Man Mike.  After your race is over, everybody, just click on the icon below and send us your results.  We'll post your results on a special Kinetic City feedback page! 

e-mail results

Hey rot racers, want extra credit?  Then find out why we asked you add the dirt to your bags.  I'll give you a hint, the answers are very, very, very small!

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