Nowhere to Hide


Until recently, most of the environments on Earth stayed pretty much the same for hundreds or even thousands of years. But now, humans can change an environment practically overnight. Just think what a bulldozer can do to a two-thousand-year-old forest! In this Mind Game, you'll see how big changes to the environment can affect the animals that live there.


How to Play:

In this game, there are two kinds of bugs: green ones and orange ones. These bugs live in leafy green trees.

Every now and then, birds swoop in and eat the bugs. They usually eat the bugs they can see from a distance.

Near the forest is the Orange-O-Dyne chemical factory. The factory spews out lots of orange smoke. When the chemicals fall on the trees, they turn orange.

In this game, you can control how much pollution lands on the trees. Just click on the slider and drag it toward "More Pollution" (orange) or "Less Pollution" (green). Then sit back and watch what happens to the bugs!


What happened to the bugs when there was less pollution? Which ones got eaten? Why do you think that is?

What happened when the pollution levels went up?

If you've got your Journals, go ahead and answer the questions in them now!