Dance Diagram


There's an old saying: "A picture is worth a thousand words." That's why models often use pictures or images. In this Move Crew, you'll make a model that shows your teammates how to bust a move!



Pipe Cleaners
A stopwatch
Pen and paper


The object of the game is to teach a new dance to your fellow players, without doing it in front of them.

Choose one player to be the Dance Captain, one to be the Model Maker, and one to be the Performer.

Have the Performer leave the room.
Using the pipe cleaners, the Model Maker makes eight human stick figures. You will use these stick figures to represent dance moves, so make sure they have arms, legs, and heads.
The Dance Captain makes up a dance with eight different moves. The moves can be really simple, like putting a hand up in the air. Or they can be more complicated. It's really up to you.
Once the Dance Captain figures out a routine, he or she shows it to the Model Maker, one step at a time.
Using the pipe cleaners, the Model Maker makes a model of the whole dance routine. Use one stick figure for each move.
When the Model Maker is finished, invite the Performer back in and start the clock on the stopwatch. From this point on, NO TALKING IS ALLOWED.
Using the model, the Model Maker shows the dance to the Performer. You can't talk, or do the dance yourself, but you can move the models around (like puppets) as much as you want.
Once the Performer understands the dance, he or she should perform it. When the Performer gets it right, everyone claps. If the dance isn't exactly right, the Performer should keep working with the Model Maker until it is. See if you can do it in less than three minutes!


What techniques made the models easy to understand? What made them confusing?

How was the model NOT like a real dancer? Were you able to do anything that made up for these differences?

If you've got your Case Journal, answer the questions in it now!